Remove soft toys and pencils from nurseries to reduce swine flu risk

Experts urge nurseries to avoid sharing of crayons and teddy bears


Sharing soft toys, crayons and even musical instruments has been deemed a health risk in nurseries and schools by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, in light of the current swine flu situation.


The guidelines, offer advice on how to reduce the spread including discouraging the use of hard to wash toys, like teddy bears and other soft items, as they can carry the germs, which can be easily picked up by children.

The government has accused this advice of being ‘over the top,’ but with habits like subconsciously placing a pencil in the mouth, blowing on an instrument or snuggly a soft toy to your face – it’s understandable that these guidelines have been released during the pandemic.


School assemblies and large crowds are also to be avoided, although a spokesman for the DCSF has stated that they are taking the ‘sensible approach.’ The DCSF said it is all about striking a sensible balance between continuing life as normal but taking simple, common sense steps to protect children.
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