Researchers embark on £2.9m child tooth decay project

Experts in Dundee will conduct a study into how to prevent tooth decay in tots


A massive £2.9 million is being put towards new research which will examine the best ways to treat tooth decay in children.


The money will be used by a team of experts at Dundee University who will conduct a study of conventional fillings, methods of sealing the decay in without using drills, and preventative measures like brushing.

“Treatment for decay in baby teeth varies widely across the UK and there is, as yet, no conclusive evidence for the most effective approach to its management,” said Dr Gail Topping, one of the Dundee researchers.

“This trial will enable a clear recommendation to be made regarding the important question of how decayed baby teeth should best be managed in primary dental care.”

The university claims that over 40 per cent of children in this country have decay in their baby teeth by the age of five.


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