Rich toddlers have personal shoppers

New craze for high-spending tots


Wealthy mums are defying the credit crunch and hiring personal shoppers for their toddlers.


‘Kiddie’ personal shopping is becoming a new craze in the UK, following on from Suri Cruise and her £2 million wardrobe and Katie Price’s little Princess Tiiaami, who has100 pairs of shoes.

Parents already shell out an average £27,500 on their children before they hit the age of 3, but now it seems that the competitive mums are going the extra mile to ensure their babe has the most expensive clobber, gadgets and accessories (all while they sit back, relax and sip champagne).

“One client recently came in for her baby daughter and left with an £8,000 wardrobe,” a Harrods personal shopper revealed to the Daily Mail, where the minimum spend for the service of a personal shopper, is £2,500 – even for babies.

Going all-out Suri Cruise style, mums are also booking in appointments at retail powerhouse Harvey Nichols, which admits to having a ‘kiddie’ client every day.

According to a personal shopper at Harvey Nichols, it isn’t just the parents who are demanding the latest must-have designer look. “Even when they are as young as three, they often have a strong opinion on their style – especially the girls.”

One little girl who definitely knows what she wants and is already showing signs of a shopaholic, is Suri Cruise. “When Suri want to go shopping, Katie jumps to it and follows her around buying whatever she wants. She helps Suri get changed half-a-dozen times everyday and follows her around like a glorified bag carrier,” a source told the Daily Mail.  Suri is 3 years old.

Each child has to have a consultation form completed, revealing their vital statistics and a list of preferable designers. The personal shoppers then proceed in dishing out advice on the best colour tones, silhouette and styles, which suit your child, with a dollop of ‘fabulous’, ‘divine’ and ‘so on-trend’ encouragement to add to the shopping experience.

A long list of fashion designers are taking the nappy generation by storm, such as Little Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chloe BeBe, Sonia Rykiel Enfant and John Galliano’s upcoming children’s range, they all retail at little under £100 per item. Can regular mums afford to splash out?


Certainly there’s a big appetite for it – the Harrods service already fully booked until next year.


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