Rise in accidental child poisonings

Keep medicines, chemicals and household cleaners out of reach


There’s been an 11% increase in the number of enquiries about children consuming medicines and other substances found around the home, reports the Telegraph.


It’s thought the rise in queries represents an actual rise in the number of poisonings, too, though part of the increase is down to greater awareness of the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) among medical staff, said a NPIS spokesperson.

Painkillers were the most common query, with dessicant silica gel (those little sachets you find in packaging to keep products dry) next on the list. Children also ate decongestant oils, liquid laundry capsules, air fresheners, vitamins, white spirit and contraceptive pills.

“The high proportion of our enquiries that involve children continues to be a concern.

“Parents and guardians should do all they can to keep children away from contact with potentially harmful medicines and from chemicals used in the house or garden.

“Where possible, these substances should be kept locked away and in childproof containers,” said Professor Simon Thomas, director of NPIS in Newcastle.


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