Risk of pre-eclampsia and premature birth cut by eating chocolate

Eating chocolate during pregnancy could reduce mum-to-be’s likelihood of suffering from pre-eclampsia


Chocolate may help prevent premature birth as researchers have discovered snacking on the treat three or more times a week reduces the risk of developing pre-eclampsia.


Pre-eclampsia prevents oxygen and nutrients reaching the baby through the placenta and can cause difficulties including prematurity or caesarean.

Yale University researchers questioned 2,500 mums about their eating habits during their pregnancy including how many chcolate-based snacks they enjoyed a week. The results showed high levels of chocolate snacking in those mums who did not go on to develop pre-eclampsia. Only 36% of mums-to-be who did develop the condition admitted to eating much chocolate during pregnancy.

“Women who reported regular chocolate consumption of more than three servings a week had a 50% or greater reduced risk of pre-eclampsia,” stated the report.


Try not to go too overboard, though! Chocolate contains caffeine which should be limited in pregnancy. And it’s worth remembering you aren’t actually eating for two!


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