Robbie Williams: Responsibility of being a dad terrified me

With a second baby on the way, Take That's former bad boy Robbie opens up about fatherhood


On the red carpet, you’d expect a famous singer like Robbie Williams to talk about his tour or try to promote his latest album. Instead, the former Take That star couldn’t help but talk honestly about the pressures and joys of being dad to 23-month-old daughter Teddy after a concert in Melbourne, Australia.


“I was always terrified of the responsibility of being a father and being pinned down,” Robbie admitted to Daily Mail Australia. “But the most surprising thing about being a dad is what you get back.”

“You know, I did the sex, drugs and rock and roll for the longest time and it’s a lot of fun. But then a child turns up and you go, right, I’m a grown up now. You are looking at the universe and the universe looks back at you, and it’s going I love you.”

US actress Ayda Field and daughter Teddy live in LA and have stayed at home while Robbie tours Australia, so Rob’s been busy keeping in touch. 

“I was on Skype with [Teddy] this morning and totally unprompted – she’s not even 2 yet – straight away she looked at the screen and went ‘I lub you daddy, come here’.

“It doesn’t get better than that.”

In April this year, Robbie and Ayda announced they’re expecting their second child in November.

“I’m more of a family man. You have to be when you have kids. It used to be sex, drugs and rock and roll. One out of three ain’t bad I suppose at the moment – I’ll let you guess.”

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