Robbie Williams shares his dreams for his daughter

Star vows to tame his potty mouth, and reveals Teddy’s best bedtime book


Baby Theodora Rose is only a few days old, but doting new dad Robbie Williams has already given us a sneak peek at his new role as a parent. 


The Take That star, who welcomed his first child with wife Ayda Field on Tuesday, opened up about his hopes for daughter Teddy.

“All I want is for her to have manners. To say, ‘Yes please’ and ‘Thank you’, and to be kind,” he said on BBC Radio 1’s Greg James Show

“Those are the things I want her to be and if she’s those things then she can get away with murder for me,” he added.

“I just want a really quirky, kind kid. As long as she’s kind and has got good manners then we’re cool.”

Robbie, who’s known for his wild character, seems as if he’s following celeb mum-to-be Adele’s lead by trying to curb his swearing to set a good example for his daughter.

“I do have a potty mouth, I really do. I am going to have to curb it.”

The new dad took to Twitter to reveal Teddy’s already been enjoying bedtime stories, especially a children’s book by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

“Ballerina Rosie may become Teddy’s favourite book. RW,” he wrote.

Fellow celeb parent Lily Allen, who’s expecting her second baby, also took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the new arrival’s baby name.

“Just realised That Robbie Williams’ baby has the same name as my little sister, Teddie Rose………sweet. best name,” she wrote.

Aw, sounds as if Robbie is loving parenthood already!


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