Rocco Richie gets on stage for mum’s world tour

Madonna’s eldest son dances and raps in front of thousands

After sister Lourdes, 12, made her stage debut by playing the piano and break-dancing in the video, Celebration with mum Madonna, Rocco decided to show everyone that she wasn’t the only sibling who has inherited the super-star gene.


Showing fans at the Sticky and Sweet tour in Tel Aviv, Israel that there were two talented dancers in the family, nine-year-old Rocco busted some impressive moves and then joined the DJ on the decks!

Bopping and singing along to Madonna’s performance of Music, Rocco stood with DJ Paul Oakenfold looking like someone born to entertain.

With Rocco and Lourdes making appearances in Madonna’s music videos and on stage, another familiar face made his cameo – Madonna’s 23-year-old boyfriend Jesus!

Raising a few eyebrows as she passionately kisses Jesus in the Celebration video, Madonna also came under fire when stills cut from the video emerged with 12-year-old Lourdes dressed up as her ‘Like A Virgin’ character. Complete with a white wedding dress, scarlet lips and the trademark beauty spot, Lourdes looked alot older than her 12 years.

We wonder if David and Mercy will join in the family-fun on the next tour?


Do you think Madonna should let her children join her in the limelight, or should she protect them from life in the public eye? Let us know below…

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