Giovanna Fletcher, wife of McFly's Tom Fletcher, has admitted that the first few weeks of being a mum came as ‘quite a shock’.


Of course, all mums-to-be are warned about the tiredness, but Giovanna admits she found the reality of caring for her newborn overwhelming.

"I have had a few times where Tom’s come home and found me crying," she told Star magazine. "There was another night when Mario and my sister Giorgina were over and I burst into tears. Your hormones go crazy."

Giovanna gave birth to her first child Buzz in March and found it quite hard to adjust.

"You’ve got your own recovery and then there’s this alien being inside your house who depends on you for everything," she said. "It was quite a shock. So many people said to us, ‘Enjoy your sleep when you can,’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah…’

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"But it’s so true. The tiredness is on another level."

But the mum-of-1 reveals she’s planning more babies with her McBusted hubby.

"Buzz hasn’t put us off!" said Giovanna. "I can’t see us stopping at one, but not any time soon."

Meanwhile, Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes has also been talking about her own baby bubble.

"I can't remember life before Alaia-Mai," she told OK! online. "You never have that sleep where you lay in till 4 in the afternoon ever again."

But the lack of sleep hasn’t put her off either.

"We are definitely going to go for number two, but I’m definitely enjoying being not pregnant for a while," she said.

Which seems like a good idea, given that Rochelle is off on tour with The Saturdays soon. But help is on hand...

"My mum is coming on tour to help with the baby! And my mother in law is helping out too. She gets stuck in."