Rochelle Humes asks: ‘What is this line down my baby bump?!’

We answer Rochelle's burning question about this common pregnancy body change...


Rochelle Humes hasn’t got long to go until she welcomes baby no 2 with hubby Marvin.


And judging by her social media updates, it seems all is going pretty smoothly – even if she did say she felt ‘unorganised’ for having just packed her hospital bag.

But there was one thing on Rochelle’s mind – a question about her pregnancy tummy.

Accompanied by the above snap of her nude baby bump, the telly presenter took to Instagram to ask her fans:

“Okay what is this line down my tummy and does it have a purpose?! ? Or is it a pointless little trail??”

As many of you will know, Rochelle’s bump line is actually called Linea Nigra: a phrase literally translated from Latin to mean ‘black line’. 

This line runs down from your tummy to your pubic bone, and it’s something we already have pre-pregnancy (though we’d call it a Linea Alba, which means ‘white line’).

As your baby bump grows and the stomach’s skin stretches, the line can become more pronounced – meaning you can see it – and often becomes a darker colour.

Though it sounds a bit ???, it’s actually fairly common for it to show while you’re pregnant.

In the pic, you can see that Rochelle’s is a dark brown colour. Meanwhile, a member of the MFM team says hers showed up as a very thin greyish one. Basically, everyone’s looks a bit different.

And more often than not it’ll fade back after you’ve given birth.

So it’s certainly nothing to be alarmed about, that’s for sure ?

A few of Rochelle’s fans were kind enough to point this out to her – whereas some focused on the old wives’ tale that says the placement of the line can actually reveal the sex of your baby.

There’s no science behind it… but many of Rochelle’s fans noted that if the tale turns out to be true, it looks like she’s having a boy ?

Only time will tell!

Images: Instagram/Rochelle Humes

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