Some of us get lucky when it comes to pregnancy cravings.


We crave ice cream, fruit or chocolate - something yummy.

But some of us aren’t so lucky, ending up with a hankering for something a bit different - like cold gravy, for example.

We’re not sure what category 6-month pregnant Rochelle Humes fits in, to be honest.

The TV presenter revealed her latest cravings in an Instagram snap of her lunch – a salad with a few, erm, unusual toppings…

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She explained beside the pic:

“Stopped to grab lunch, the lady looked at me VERY strangely when I made my order.

“Lots of jalapenos, capers, chilli and cheese in this salad. OH and 3 different dressings #cravings ?”


We absolutely know that look you get when you’re ordering a strange dish to satiate a craving.

But we’re still not sure if Rochelle’s salad-of-choice would be as yum when she’s not expecting ?

What did you crave when you were pregnant? Were your cravings the same for each pregnancy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Images: Instagram/Rochelle Humes

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