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Rochelle “multitasks” with Alaia-Mai at recording studio

The Saturdays singer gives cuddles while recording a track!

Mums often pride themselves on their multitasking, especially when it comes to juggling babies and housework!


But Rochelle Humes has taken this to the next level as she cradles her daughter Alaia-Mai while at work in the recording studio.

The four-month-old was treated to a cuddle while Rochelle recorded a track with her band The Saturdays.

Rochelle tweeted: “Multitasking at its best”.

But although Rochelle is hard at work, it seems her new family may be keeping her awake too.

She tweeted: “I'm not sure who snores louder Alaia or @MarvinHumes ‪#earplugs

Lets hope Rochelle gets some rest soon. Even busy mums need a day off every now and again!

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