Rooneys in trouble over Kai’s birthday party

Wayne and Coleen annoy the neighbours over partying a little too hard

After splashing out a reported £90,000 on their son kai’s first birthday party Wayne and Coleen Rooney have hit the headlines again for playing loud rock music through the night at the ‘children’s’ party.


Football star Wayne and his fashionista wife, Colleen, partied until 1am in the morning at Kai’s party, annoying neighbours with loud rock and heavy metal music through the night.

They could now be investigated by environmental noise nuisance inspectors over the party, which neighbours branded “disgraceful”. They complained that the Sunday night party was particularly unfair on their children who had school the next day.

While we’re all for having a bit of a do to celebrate our little one’s birthday milestones, we can’t help but wonder where the birthday boy actually was during these celebrations? Unless of course the mini-Rooney family member is actually a fan of heavy metal music and late nights at the grand old age of one.


If you’re planning a party for your little one but have more of a modest budget than the Rooney’s £90,000, we’ve got some brilliant ideas to do it without breaking the bank and without heavy metal music, unless that’s really your baby’s thing of course…

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