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Royal baby birth: the truth behind the rumours

Kate's about to be induced, will push to a James Blunt playlist and we'll find out on Twitter if she's had a boy or a girl - but is any of this true?

While the world waits with baited breath for news on royal baby no 2 – there are a lot of rumours doing the rounds. We go behind the headlines...


1 She'll be induced this week

Kate's reported due date – Saturday 25 April – has now come and gone and she could now be induced if the baby doesn't arrive this week, according to The Daily Telegraph. Indeed, it suggests that Kate's real due date was actually last Thursday (23 April) and so she could soon be heading towards a week overdue. A "source" who had given birth at Kate's hospital of choice, the Lindo Wing, told the Telegraph that the doctors don't normally wait more than a week. Not true. Unless there are any perceived risks, many doctors and midwives will set an induction date just before the two week overdue mark.

2 Sexy ways to kickstart labour?

TV presenter Susanna Reid was left red-faced on Good Morning Britain yesterday when Dr Hilary Jones suggested Kate and Wills should have sex to bring on labour... "at the risk of going to the Tower by mentioning sex and monarchy in the same sentence," he added, while Susanna squirmed. "If any woman wanted to, at that stage in pregnancy, it does actually help because the man delivers prostaglandins which are the same sort of hormones used to induce birth," he said, then looking to the producers, he asked: "Is that alright? It’s just a medical fact." With the threat of banishment to the Tower, we'll leave it to you to decide how Kate might be whiling away the hours.

3 Photographers have been told to stay away

When we were waiting for the birth of Prince George back in 2013, the world's press waited outside the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington for nearly 4 weeks. Do you remember the poor news reporters scrambling together updates on a closed door for the 6 o'clock news? Well, this time the press have indeed been asked by Kensington Palace to refrain from gathering outside the maternity ward - but only until Kate is admitted to hospital. At least we've been saved from too many head-scratching TV reporters filling up the news.


4 Kate's been nesting at Zara Home

Last week Kate was spotted out shopping for bits at the branch of Zara Home on Kensington High Street – just a short walk from Kensington Palace. A shop worker told the whole story to People magazine, so looks like it could be true, especially as the items were so, well, domestic. According to the mag, Kate bought a doormat, towels, padded blue and white gingham clothes hangers and picnic cutlery.

"She looked so calm," revealed the Zara assistant. "You couldn’t really tell that she was pregnant because she looked so great. I mean, she was wearing heels. She was so nice and polite, I was really impressed.

"Everything she seemed to look at was blue, but not for babies," said the store assistant, who was convinced the colour wasn't an indication of the baby's sex. "She must just like the colour."

Do you know what? If we had a sapphire engagement ring that big, we might just start colour-coordinating everything else to match it too.


5 James Blunt is on her delivery suite playlist

It was the Daily Mail who 'scooped' with a sneak peek of the music Kate has chosen to accompany her birth. Kate's playlist is expected to include "some classical and some Ellie Goulding, James Blunt type stuff, which will relax her, and she hopes, the baby." Of course.

6 The baby's sex will be announced on Twitter

True. This time round, the palace will send out news of the second royal baby electronically, according to Time. An email will be sent to the press first, then "a couple of minutes later" the news will be announced on the palace's social media feeds, including the @KensingtonRoyal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The Palace will release the baby's sex, time of birth and weight. There'll still be the old-fashioned display of the proclamation outside Buckingham Palace too – but this could be several hours after the birth. We wonder if Kate and Wills will share a selfie from the delivery room too? Probs not…

Are you excited by the birth of the second royal baby? Or are you fed up of hearing about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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