Royal baby fashion history on display

Museum of London celebrates much-anticipated birth of Kate Middleton's baby with new exhibition


As Kate Middleton’s due date approaches, the Museum of London is exhibiting royal baby clothes.


A Royal Arrival, opening this week, will showcase 400 years of memorabilia worn by former royal babies.

Objects on show will include a delicately embroidered skullcap worn by Charles I, a tiny linen vest embroidered with a crown belonging to George III and a nursing robe used by the royal baby’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Timothy Long, exhibition curator says: “Not even here yet, Baby Cambridge has captured the world’s imagination already. Third in line to the throne, this newborn baby will eventually go on to rule the UK and Commonwealth realms.

“Our archive at the Museum of London is rich with objects related to the royal family, tracing back centuries.”

The exhibition opens on Friday, July 5.

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