Royal baby name predictions steeped in history

Latest predictions suggest Kate and Wills could look to popular royal names for inspiration


If you thought naming your child was tricky, spare a thought for Kate Middleton and Prince William, who are not just naming their own child, but most likely the nation’s future King or Queen.


Luckily for the young royals they have a rather large family tree to take inspiration from. Ladbrokes has already got bets on a girl being called Elizabeth, sitting at 8-1 favourite. Not only would this be a fitting nod to Queen Elizabeth, who has had a rather stellar year, it’s also Kate’s middle name.

Thinking middle names, Alexandra has also been hinted at by Victoria Arbiter, ABC’s royal contributer. Victoria told E! news, “I think my personal choice would be Alexandra for a girl, which is the current Queen’s middle name.” In a similar vein Kate and Wills may like Arthur for a boy, the middle name that both William and Charles share.

With many whispers of Diana being a feature of the name, the couple may opt for Frances, Diana’s middle name, as a way of honouring William’s late mother.

John, Philip, Edward and Anne have all been listed as possibilities by Ladbrokes.

After a year of Jubilee celebrations and Olympic fever, both of which Kate and Wills were very involved in, it seems the general feeling is the name will be traditional rather than wacky. We’ve been busy pondering royal names through the generations. See our pick of the 10 best royal baby names for girls and boys.

Kate, who is in hospital with hyperemesis, is said to be feeling better today. We wish Kate well.


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