Second-hand pram

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand for the whole weekend, there's no way you could have missed the furore over the royal christening. But there might be one or two details (and hilarious pictures) that might have passed you by. So let us fill you in…


First up, lets talk about Charlotte's second-hand pram. Yes, that's right – even the royals love a good hand-me-down. But this isn't any old pram, it's the same Millson Prince used by the Queen for Prince Edward and Prince Andrew. Of course, it's been carefully refurbished since Queen Elizabeth used it in the early 1960s – and we reckon the traditional vintage style was perfect for the occasion.

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Prince Charming

We know the royal christening was supposed to be all about Princess Charlotte. But we're sorry to say, her older brother Prince Charming (yes we've renamed George following Sunday), might have stolen the limelight.

The adorable toddler – who turns 2 in just a couple of weeks – delighted everyone with his retro red shorts and cheeky behaviour. Just look at him waving at the crowds...

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Family affair

Both sets of grandparents were close at hand to celebrate Charlotte's christening. Prince William's dad Charles and step-mum Camilla, and Kate's parents Carole and Michael Middleton were right behind them.


The Queen is a great granny

We love this tender moment between Queen Elizabeth and Prince George. We wonder what they were talking about? The latest episode of Peppa Pig maybe?


Fans out in force

Around 3,500 fans camped out overnight to at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham to get a glimpse of 9-week-old Charlotte, and they weren't disappointed.


Born royal representative

Lying peacefully in her pram, it seems 9-week-old Charlotte has inherited a knack for nailing public engagements from her parents.


A historic gown

Charlotte rocked the same royal satin and lace christening gown as her big brother George did back in 2013.


Sneaking a peek

Doting brother George couldn't resist peeking at his sister on the way to the church.


Best. Face. Ever.

Just look at that cheeky face! We wonder what mischief George is planning...


A royal tantrum

To be fair, George did pretty well with only a small fuss at the end. Of course dad William managed to calm him down quickly. Probably with the promise of cake at his great-granny's...

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