Runaway balloon boy alive

Falcon Heene found safe and sound after balloon drama



After causing a worldwide frenzy, 6-year-old Falcon Heene, who was believed to be inside the out-of-control hot air balloon flying over Colorado, has been found safe –in the family’s attic!

The tin foil coated, flying saucer like balloon, designed by his dad, broke free from the Heene’s family’s back garden in Fort Collins, Colorado. Falcon’s older brother alerted his parents and believed he saw his sibling climb inside the balloon before it took off into the sky.

After hurling 7,000 ft into the air and traveling 50 miles across two counties, the flying balloon caused a worldwide audience who were watching the live action on TV screens across America.

Police helicopters were sent out to lower the homemade aircraft amid reports that the 6-year-old boy had fallen out of the balloon mid-air.

As the drama unfolded, it finally came to a halt when the balloon grounded – but with no Falcon on board.

Fearing the worst, the horror ended when it was reported that little Falcon had been found hiding in the Heene’s family attic.

A happy ending to a potentially horrific story – however, speculations that the balloon drama was a publicity stunt are rife. During an interview by CNN, the family was recalling the event when Falcon blurted out that it was “all for the show”. The family have denied the rumours and are adamant that they genuinely believed he was in the balloon and police don’t have any suspicions that it was a hoax.


If it was a hoax, it certainly paid off! During the two hour drama, it received an enormous amount of coverage on social network websites and attracted millions of ‘updates’ on Twitter. Three groups were created on Facebook and 6,000 products were created including t-shirts and bags with the logo, ‘Go, Falcon, Go’, and ‘I Believe’.

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