Ryan Thomas and child – family facts

Bio and birth dates for CBB 2018 winner Ryan Thomas, his daughter Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas, and info on his family life with ex Tina O'Brien


Ryan Thomas vital stats:

Ryan James Thomas, born 10 June 1984


Ryan Thomas’ child:

Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas, born 26 October 2008

Who is Ryan Thomas?

ryan thomas

Ryan Thomas is an English soap actor, best known for playing Jason Grimshaw on Coronation Street from 2000 – 2016.

In 2018, he played Rafael Humphreys in Aussie soap Neighbours, and was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother in September.

He has famous twin brothers: Adam, who previously starred in Waterloo Road and Emmerdale, and Love Island star Scott. As of 2017, Ryan’s been in a relationship with former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Previously, he was going out with Corrie co-star Tina O’Brien, with whom he shares a daughter, from 2003 – 2009.

Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas

scarlett thomas

On 26 October 2008, Tina gave birth to her and Ryan’s 1st child at Manchester General Hospital.

She hasn’t spoken publicly about the birth in too much detail, though she has said in numerous interviews that she has short labours.

Scarlett’s set to turn 10 in 2018, and plays a huge part in both her mum and her dad’s social media channels (though, admittedly, mum’s a bit more private in her posting).

Ryan’s constantly posts adorable pics of their little one, who really is the spitting double of both of them…

scarlett thomas

scarlett thomas

ryan and scarlett
scarlett thomas
scarlett thomas
ryan thomas daughter
scarlett and tina
scarlett and tina
scarlett thomas

Ryan Thomas’ relationship with Scarlett’s mum, Tina O’Brien

Ryan and Tina met when they were both working on Corrie, and began dating in 2003.

As it happens, their characters – Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt – married in 2007, with Tina’s character departing the show shortly after.

Ryan and Tina never married, but they did go on to have their daughter Scarlett, in 2008, and split in 2009.

Tina claimed in 2010 in an interview with New that the split couldn’t have come at a worse time: “About a week before Scarlett’s first birthday, he said he didn’t love me anymore,” she claimed.

“He said I didn’t do it for him anymore. Those were his words. I was absolutely devastated. He said he didn’t want the responsibility of a relationship with me.”

The couple decided to split custody of their daughter, and very happily, Tina found love again in 2011, with husband Adam Crofts. They welcomed a son named Beau in 2014. She returned to Corrie in 2015.

The O’Brien/Thomas blended family

Tina and Adam, and Ryan and Ryan’s girlfriend Lucy have all found a way make their blended family work.

“It took a while for everyone to find a way to make it work, but now it does – really well, in fact!” Tina previously said in an interview.

“It’s taken a lot of years and a lot of biting my tongue. Seriously, though, it’s mainly down to Adam and Ryan.

“It helps that everyone has moved on and is in a happy place. Ryan is really happy and we are happy, so there aren’t any issues.

“For the sake of Scarlett, it has been well worth preserving [our relationship] and choosing our battles.”

It’s not been easy, though: “[These can be] small things, such as Ryan not liking Scarlett wearing nail varnish when I’ve put it on her, or the times when he has brought her back late.

“But it’s about finding your middle ground and getting on with each other. It’s also realising that, at the end of the day, they are daft, petty things.

“[It’s fine] as long as we can get past it, and everyone has got the end goal of trying to make it work for Scarlett.”

Ryan and Tina’s nail polish debate

ryan and tina nail polish

Early in 2018, Ryan and Tina’s nail polish disagreement played out on Instagram – after Ryan posted a picture of Scarlett looking annoyed at having her polish removed.

He wrote beside the pic: “So mummy puts nail varnish on, daddy takes it off ?”

Quickly, the story was picked up by press as a ‘parenting battle’ – but it was evident that it was a light-hearted dispute, after Ryan’s girlfriend Lucy sided with Tina.

“So mean!!!!” Lucy joked in the comments, while Tina replied: “don’t worry the 3 of us can go get matching nails and tattoos ??

Ryan replied: “You and Lucy can go, Scarlett can stay with me ??”


Ryan on Celeb Big Brother 2018

scarlett cbb dad to win

Ryan’s shot right into the spotlight with his appearance on 2018’s CBB.

False assault accusations by former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett in the house caused a huge national outcry – and a big emotional breakdown for Ryan in the diary room.

Fortunately, BB’s camera’s had been rolling the whole time, and viewers were able to see the incident for what it really was (a bit of ‘play-fighting’).

The public were 100% behind him and he went on to win the series. Of course, 9-year-old Scarlett was behind her dad all the way, too!

Images: Instagram/Ryan Thomas, Instagram/Tina O’Brien, Instagram/Lucy Meck

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