Sadie Frost’s A-list guest for her daughter’s birthday

Kate Moss is star attraction at 8-year-old’s model-themed party

When Sadie Frost’s daughter Iris decided she wanted a model-themed birthday party, who better to step up to the job than supermodel Kate Moss!


Not content with a clown or magician to entertain her daughter’s friends, the Frost French fashion designer Sadie invited the superstar model and long term friend to show the girls how the models like to party.

Eight-year-old Iris, whose dad is Jude Law, was joined by Kate’s daughter Lila Grace, 7, who then staged their own catwalk show, putting Kate’s model tips to good use.

“Kate has been teaching Iris and Lila Grace how to model and how to walk the catwalk properly in preparation for the party. They could hardly have a better teacher,” a source told the Daily Mail.

The birthday girl and her pals were treated to handfuls of Kate’s clothes, and instead of party hats and face paints, they were given a professional makeover and had their hair coiffed.

“Kate also presided over all the accessories to make them look as catwalk-ready as possible. She was teaching them how to master her famous hip swagger and the ‘I don’t care look’.”

Kate Moss’ catwalk tips went down so well, Iris and Lila Grace now want to be models.


Could we have a mini Kate Moss on the horizon?


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