When it comes to teething, let's face it, we parents can get pretty desperate to find something – anything – that will work and stop our little one from being in misery as those teeth come through.


And while there are lots of powders, gels and teething toys out there, another method that's been around for a good few years now is a bracelet or anklet of Baltic amber beads, which contain something called succinic acid that's said to have a naturally pain-relieving effect. But should you be using them?

Are amber necklaces safe?

In a word, no. And that's according to safety experts RoSPA - the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - who recommend that amber teething necklaces - or any similar teething necklaces - should not be used.

"These products represent a choking and strangulation hazard to babies," RoSPA tells MadeForMums.

"Beads and clasps can become detached and the danger is that a child could choke on them. There are also inherent strangulation hazards associated with having any type of cord placed around a child’s neck, especially babies.

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What should you use to help teething?

"RoSPA advocates, instead, the use of medically approved creams applied directly to the gums. RoSPA also recommends teethers and teething toys which are often filled with a liquid and are sometimes kept refrigerated before being given to a baby to chew on.

"In all cases, RoSPA advises parents to seek advice from health workers (even before the baby is born) on the best and safest ways of soothing teething pain."


It's not just necklaces RoSPA's advice applies to - but anklets as well (we recall celeb mum Billie Faiers had one on her little boy Arthur when he was little) as the baby could grab at their ankles and get the beads from around their feet and choke on those too.

So, there you have it. While you can buy these beads online, the advice is that they're simply not recommended, and you're better off exploring other options like gels and creams applied directly to the gums.

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