Teething and a cranky baby often go hand-in-hand. The pain, itchy gums, slight fever and constant dribbling is enough to make anyone irritated, and as a parent we’d do anything to make our babies feel better.


The first tool we usually go for is a rubber teether. But sometimes teethers won’t cut it and our babies need a little extra medicinal help to get rid of the awful teething pains.

So we’ve researched and found the best medicinal and homoeopathic teething aids that can help soothe baby.

If you’re unsure about whether your baby is teething or not, here's advice from our dentist Dr Tania Tanna on spotting the symptoms and what to do when your baby starts to show signs of teething.

We've also got some great tips on how to feed a teething baby.

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Now see the best teething aids granules and gels available on the market...

1. Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, £5.85 for 24 sachets

Type: Granules

Suitable from: 3 months

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, our bronze award winner, are part of the same company that own Rescue Remedy. So when it comes to calming herbal remedies, the historic brand certainly know a thing or two.

Similar in price and ingredients to its closest rival, Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders, each box contains 24 sachets which you can sprinkle on your baby’s tongue.

MFM tester Rachael says: “When my daughter’s crying and her teeth are hurting, one little sachet of this calms her down so she can eat or sleep peacefully. It clearly makes her feel better.”

Available from: Amazon, Boots and Asda

2. Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders, £5 for 20 sachets

Type: Powder

Suitable from: 3 months

One of the most iconic teething remedies on the market, Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders have adorned the medicine cabinets of parents for 150 years and the recipe has remained the same ever since.

Containing Tincture of Matricaria, extracted from German chamomile plants, it’s similar to the ingredients of other homeopathic remedies on our round-up and it’s a gentle, natural, herbal recipe to ease teething symptoms such as tender gums, flushed cheeks, dribbling and general fussiness.

It’s also administered in the same way – directly onto the tongue – so it’s relatively easy to use while you’re out and about.

Available from: Amazon and Boots

3. Weleda Chamomilla Granules, £5.95

Type: Granules

Suitable from: Birth

Best known for its nourishing, natural skincare products, Weleda is a pioneer in green beauty and its Chamomilla Granules contain only two ingredients; sugar and Matricaria chamomilla radix (chamomile root extract).

Unlike similar homeopathic products on the market – Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders, Nelsons Teeth Teething Granules and Boots Pharmaceuticals Teething Pain Relief – they can be used from birth and they’re vegan, which is two big plus points.

The Chamomilla Granules can also help babies with colic, another good reason to give them a go, and they can be dissolved in boiled water for smaller babies.

Available from: Weleda, Amazon and Holland & Barrett

4. Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub for Teething, £7.50 for 30ml

Type: Oil

Suitable from: 3 months

The only oil and cheek rub on our round-up, this clever product blends oils like Arnica (to relieve inflammation), Sweet Almond (softening), Lavender (to calm) and Spearmint (antiseptic) to help relax and soothe restless little ones during teething.

It also includes chamomile, the key ingredient in all homeopathic remedies on our round-up.

The difference is this oil is applied externally – on the cheeks of your baby and a little goes a long way, so while it’s on the pricier side on our list, it does work out to be good value over time.

An added bonus is the beautiful smell you and your baby are left with after you’ve applied!

Available from: Amazon, Amber Pumpkin and Organic Monkey

5. Boots Pharmaceuticals Teething Pain Relief, £3.99 (for 24 sachets)

Type: Granules

Suitable from: 3 months

High street hero Boots is always on hand for baby essentials and it even has its own version of teething granules – the final homeopathic remedy on our list. Boots Pharmaceuticals Teething Pain Relief contain Chamomilla to help ease all the grisly symptoms of teething and they work just like name branded teething granules.

The real difference is in the price; at over £1 less, they’re better value than Nelsons, Ashton & Parsons and Weleda, so perfect if you’re on a budget.

Unlike Weleda’s Chamomilla Granules, they do contain lactose, so won’t be suitable if you’re after a vegan product or if your baby is intolerant.

Available from: Boots

6. Anbesol Liquid, £5.99 for 15ml

Type: Liquid

Suitable from: Five months

If you really need to up the ante on your baby’s teething, many mums swear by Anbesol Liquid.

In fact, it’s the most-mentioned product for what works for parents when it comes to a teething little one. A local anaesthetic and antiseptic, it’s the only product on our list you’ll need to get directly from the pharmacist.

Also available as a gel, the liquid is most popular with mums as it’s super simple to use; just apply undiluted to the affected area using a clean fingertip.

New guidance on teething suggests you should try massage or teething toys first (take a look at our article on Are baby teething gels safe?).

Available from: Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy

7. Chilled Vegetables

Type: Food

Suitable from: 6 months

A slice of squishy cucumber, a frozen stick of carrot or a sliver of red pepper – sounds simple enough, but many parents swear by the uncomplicated power of cool vegetables for relieving the misery of sore gums. Without a doubt the easiest teething solution on our list, simply slice up, serve and watch as your baby chews away to numb those gums. Good to have on standby if you can’t get to the pharmacy or you want to save some cash, plus you’ll be getting your little one used to trying out different flavours – double win.

Available from: The grocery shop