The best baby teethers

Teethers provide safe comfort and relief for your baby to chew on and suck when those new teeth are coming through. We highlight the best teethers as tested by our parents

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Ah, the joys of teething eh? Red cheeks, sore gums, constant dribbling, fever and runny poos to name just a few symptoms.


All-in-all this stage can mean you find yourself with one (understandably) very cranky and upset baby.

Worry not though – we’ve picked the brains of our very own mums in our forum and Facebook groups – and done some research of our own – to come up with 10 of the best products out there to soothe a teething baby.

Most of the teethers in this list can be cleaned in a dishwasher or steriliser for added convenience.   And many can be put in the fridge to cool as a nice cold teether can add extra relief to swollen itchy gums.

It’s worth noting that there may be times a rubber teether won’t be able to soothe the pain, so in those instances you may want to consider some medicinal and homeopathic teething aids.

But first, here’s advice from our dentist Dr Tania Tanna on what to do when your baby starts to show signs of teething.

And we’ve got some great tips on how to feed a teething baby. Plus, if you’re looking for more products for your little one but at a discount, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday baby deals.

These are the best teethers on the market…


1. Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy, £9.99

A great value, dual purpose teether – this clever little monkey has a bristled pad for applying teething gel or powder to – perfect for hard-to-reach molars.

“The perfect shape and size for little hands with plenty of colourful and smooth rubber limbs for chewing” our reviewer, Rachel, says.

Available in lots of bright colours, there’ll be no digging about in your bag trying to find this one. We just wish it had a clip like the Trunkey Love.

Our tester Laura is a big fan, “I wish I’d got this months ago instead of buying several other (cheaper) teethers. Great product.”

Read our full MFM review here

Available from: Kidly, Amazon and Matchstick Monkey


2. Matchstick Monkey Mini Monkey Teether, £7.99

A smaller, even easier-to-grip version of the Matchstick Monkey original. “A good teether with thin arms of the monkey so my daughter could easily hold onto and put it into her mouth. She is teething quite early so this was a big bonus to have a small teething product,” says MFM tester Emily.

It’s also the first anti-microbial teether – so less stress about dirt and germs. A great product at a good price, and one of the better ones for keeping hold of.

Available from: Boots Amazon and Matchstick Monkey

3. Curaprox Baby Orthodontic Teething Ring, £20

An interesting option for a teether – this one’s also a massaging toothbrush and rattle. With varied textures and coloured balls, its intelligent design helps to develop hand-eye coordination and keep your little one entertained.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy says, “A great design with a fun rattle element and lots of nice textured surfaces but it’s not as tactile as some other teethers.”

This high-priced teether is great for entertaining, but perhaps a less rigid option like the Matchstick Monkey is better for sensitive gums.

Available from: Curapox, Amazon and Notino

4. Baby Gumz Teething Mitten, £12.95

When babies are too young to hold a teether, this mitt is a great solution. The Velcro strap is designed to stop your baby from pulling it off, and the soft silicone bumps mean they can chew until their heart’s content.

We love the extras that come with it too – a milk tooth chart so you can record your bubba’s development, and a handy little travel bag to keep that mitt relatively germ-free.

A good product for the price, but once your baby’s old enough to yank it off – you might consider something more like the Cheeky Chompers Bib.

Available from: Amazon

5. Nibbling Nib Cube, £18

A sustainable and stylish option, this super tactile teether is made from natural wood beads and BPA free silicone. MFM tester Hazelann says, “Made with really good quality products, very stylish and great to grab and chew.”

We love how environmentally friendly it is, and the fact its so easy to grip. But if you’re looking for a cheap teether that you can clean easily, this isn’t for you.

Available from: Kidly, Nibbling and Little Love Baby

6. Curaprox Baby Soother, £30

This is a dummy – not a teether – but it’s designed to help your baby’s teeth develop healthily. The flat tip leaves enough room for the tongue and palate to develop normally, and the side wings relieve pressure from the jaw line.

Expensive for a dummy, but if your baby loves a soother, this takes away the stress around dummy teeth. And anything that relieves stress is a yes from us.

Available from: Curapox

7. Brush-Baby Front-Ease Teether, £3.99

Perfect for early teethers, this product supports the transition from sucking to chewing. Its unique shape also massages and cleans front gums and teeth.

MFM tester Arshavi says, “Really easy to use as it is designed as dummy. Also perfect for 4 month old as teething is specifically in front teeth only.”

We like its affordability and that it comes with a hygienic cap. But if your baby doesn’t like a dummy, or wants to gnaw as well as suck – the Baby Gumz Teething Mitten could be a better option.

Available From: Boots, Brush Baby and Noon

8. Lilith Loves Henry Trunkey Love, £15

The clip on this cool design allows for fastening to buggies, car seats, and carriers. It comes in a range of designs and the hoops and beads add a fun element of play.

Our tester Melanie says, “Bright, vibrant but could be heavy clipping onto a child. Quality but quite expensive”.

We think the clip element could be worth the top-end price, but for young babies a lighter option like the Matchstick Mini or Baby Gumz Mitten could work better.

Available from: Lilith Loves Henry, Tey Boutique and Amazon

9. Skip Hop Explore & More Stay Cool Teether, £6

Unlike silicone-only teethers like the Matchstick Monkey, this one stays cooler for longer due to its stainless steel insert. “My 9 month old loves this cooling effect on his teeth. It’s bright and colourful as well as it being easy to hold. Worth the money,” tester Emma Louise says.

Very reasonably priced compared to many teethers, and we love the owl and bee design.

Available from: Kidly, John Lewis and Amazon

10. Cheeky Chompers Bib, £11.99

A super practical option, this teether won’t have you picking it up from the floor every few minutes.

The rubber tip can be nibbled on while the bib keeps teething dribble off little chests – the only teether in our list with a solution to all that excess saliva! They come in lots of gorgeous patterns too.

Its dual purpose and price makes this one of our faves.

Available from: Cheeky Chompers, Jojo Maman Bebe and John Lewis


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