The best baby teethers

Teethers provide safe comfort and relief for your baby to chew on and suck when those new teeth are coming through. We highlight the best teethers as tested by our parents


Ah, the joys of teething eh? Red cheeks, sore gums, constant dribbling, fever and runny poos to name just a few symptoms.


All-in-all this stage can mean you find yourself with one (understandably) very cranky and upset baby. 

Worry not though – we’ve picked the brains of our very own mums in our forum and Facebook groups – and done some research of our own – to come up with 10 of the best products out there to soothe a teething baby.

Most of the teethers in this list can be cleaned in a dishwasher or steriliser for added convenience.   And many can be put in the fridge to cool as a nice cold teether can add extra relief to swollen itchy gums.  

It’s worth noting that there may be times a rubber teether won’t be able to soothe the pain, so in those instances you may want to consider some medicinal and homeopathic teething aids

But first, here’s advice from our dentist Dr Tania Tanna on what to do when your baby starts to show signs of teething.

And we’ve got some great tips on how to feed a teething baby

These are the best teethers on the market…


1. Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders, £5.35, MadeForMums Awards Joint Gold Winner

As one of our MadeForMums Awards 2018 judges said, this iconic infant teething powder is a staple in medicine cabinets around the UK. It is a gentle, traditional herbal remedy containing Tincture of Matricaria, extracted from German chamomile flowers.

Administered through little sachets, directly onto baby’s tongue, the powder soothes teething symptoms such as sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling and general fussiness – a worthy joint Gold Award winner.

What our MadeForMum Awards judges say about Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders:

“I absolutely love Ashton & Parsons teething powder and have used this for my son as soon as he was teething. Whenever I know he’s uncomfortable or trying to bite a lot I use this and it works straight away for him. I wou have recommended to many mums.” Mum of 1, Lizzie

“The powders are easy to use, and my baby was calmer and soothed almost instantly, which was amazing. It also helped my baby to have better quality sleep. It is slightly more expensive than other products, but it works. I wish I had known about this product 10 years ago when I had my first child!” Mum of 1, Louise

Available from: Amazon and Boots


2. Nuby IcyBite, £4.69, MadeForMums Awards Joint Gold Winner

Fellow Joint Gold Award-winner Nuby’s Icy Bite Keys Teether is designed in the style of a keyring – every baby’s dream! This allows it to offer multiple teething surfaces to help relieve the discomfort of sore and tender gums.

It is a fun, colourful product, easy for little hands to hold – and good for babies to play with whether teething or not. Handily, the product uses PureIce Gel, which stays cooler for longer compared to water filled teethers – just chill in the fridge for a while for a more soothing effect.

Not only does it relieve teething discomfort, but it encourages overall oral motor skills and the development of lips, tongue, jaw and the palates.

What our MadeForMum Awards judges say about the Nuby IcyBite:

We as mum and baby absolutely love these! My son loves playing with them, shaking them about and also chewing on them. They are a fabulous design with lots of different textures.” Mum of 2, Angela

“The colours are very attractive and the keys are nice and chunky making them easy for little hands to hold. Once the product has been removed from the fridge the gel stays nice and cool for a reasonable amount of time.” Mum of 1, Laura

Available from: Amazon, Superdrug and Boots


3. Halia Rose Elephant Teether, £6.99, MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

What a cute design for a teether – the lovely, sensory elephant design is simple but features soft, smooth edges as well as textured ridges to help soothe teething gums. It comes in a lovely three-colour selection, and you can also thread a teething necklace through to keep it around your neck for carried babies to grab, or to attach it to the buggy.

It can also be put in the fridge for cooling relief, and is produced from food grade silicone, making it durable, washable and mould resistant. 

We are also pleased that this Silver Award Winner is BPA-free, 100% non toxic and contains no lead, latex, PVC or phthalates. Best of all, little hands love to grab and play with this elephant – a very practical and stylish little product.

What our MadeForMum Awards judges say about the Halia Rose Elephant Teether:

“This bright elephant teether is great. It’s got a soft but firm texture with ridges on one side, ideal for giving relief for sore gums. The fact that its easy and simple to clean is a big plus. The teether can be worn as jewellery which I think is an amazing idea. I also love the design and colour.” Hannah Kelly

“The Halia Rose Teether arrived packaged in a lovely presentation box, so would make a lovely, useful and good value product to give as a gift. It immediately was a hit with baby and has become the favourite teether. The colourful and well made design is easy for baby to hold and play with. It has also kept its smooth squidgy finish and doesn’t look tatty, despite baby having a really good nibble on him, every day.” Mum of 1, Louise

Available from: Halia Rose and Eco-Tots


4. Gummy Wear Felicity Rattle and Seasons Necklace Set, £24.99, MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze Winner

This is a lovely set that allows parents and carers to add a touch of style to an outfit, while keeping a teething little one entertained – and soothed.

The materials used include organic, natural, unfinished wood, BPA-free food grade silicone, and come in a pleasing selection of colours.

The wooden animals shapes of the rattles are lovely and tactile, and have a great quality to them.

What our MadeForMum Awards judges say about the Gummy Wear Felicity Rattle and Seasons Necklace Set:

“I would absolutely recommend this. The necklace is beautiful and multifunctional – it’s hard to look snazzy when you have a drooling teething baby but these necklaces make it so much easier. The rattles are unique and cleverly made.” Mum of 1, Gayle

“The quality of the product is excellent and my son loved it immediately, the size fitted perfectly in his hands and it was light enough to hold for some time without dropping it. When wearing the necklace it reaches the level of the breasts which makes it easily accessible to the baby when you hold it in your lap.” Mum of 2, Isidora

Available from: Drooly Chews


5. Nibbling Stellar Natural Range, £12-£34, MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze Winner

This range of teething products – designed by mumpreneur and fashion designer Emily Sunderland Sutter – is aimed firmly at the fashion conscious mum, promising a premium product that wouldn’t look out of place on a beach in Ibiza.

The Joint Bronze Award-winning Stellar collection impressed our judges with its luxury look and quality. As teething products they tick all the right boxes, including the use of non-toxic, BPA-free, food grade silicone, which make them safe and soft to chew.

Tested by independent laboratories in the US and EU, the items are also heat-resistant and safe to pop into the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. No-fuss, safe style – what’s not to like?

What our MadeForMum Awards judges say about the Nibbling Stellar Natural Range:

“I love, love, LOVE the stellar limited edition teething bracelet. It looks expensive and much better than most of the other teethers, which all seem very plastic-y and too colourful. This bracelet is chunky and will definitely last until all my 8-month-old’s teeth have come in (and beyond!). My little ones loves this too – he’s taken it everywhere since it arrived.” Mum of 1, Hannah

“This is a really beautiful and stylish product, which baby loves. Would make a gorgeous gift for someone.” Mum of 2, Sophie

Available from: Amazon and Nibbling


6. Sweet Dreamers Gertie the Good Goose, £13.99

The charming Gertie the Good Goose is a cute addition to the stable of popular baby teethers. Made from natural rubber, this teething toy has great contrasting colours, is soft to the touch and sports lots of tactile shapes – beak, tail feathers, feet! – for babies to grab hold of or chew.

It also has a squeezable quack (or more of a squeak) and feels like a good quality product, so should remain a chomping and grabbing companion for a good period of time.

What our reviewers say about Sweet Dreamers Gertie the Good Goose:

“My daughter loves this goose. She’ll chomp on the beak for hours! It’s very soft and easy to hold. I’ve had lots of comments about how good it looks. It looks pretty tough so hopefully it’ll be a favourite toy for a while.” Mum of 1, Gillian

“I would recommend Gertie the Good Goose to other mums mainly because of its simple design and lovely soft rubber texture. It is also easy to clean which is essential, and I found the cleaning tips included in the packaging easy to understand.” Mum of 2, Ijeoma

Available from: Gertie The Good Goose and Boots


7. Belo + Me Teething Mitt, £12.99

This teething mitt is a great idea for babies who can’t yet keep hold of a toy themselves, as it slips over their entire hands, and gets strapped on securely.

It features some lovely textures and protects delicate hands from chewing, while soothing sore gums. We like the muted colours, as well as the practical design features, such as the adjustable strap, the fact that it can be used on either hand, and that it’s machine washable.

Made from food-grade silicone and 100% cotton, you can rest assured that it is safe to chew.

What our reviewers say about the Belo + Me Teething Mitt:

“I love the colours and design, it is a very appealing looking product. It has a lovely soft feel to it. It is handy when you are out and about as it is not repeatedly being thrown out of the pushchair and is there whenever baby needs it. An added bonus is that it keeps babies’ hands warm too!” Mum of 2, Kerry

“This teething mitt is a great idea. My 7-month-old daughter chews her hands constantly as her two front teeth are breaking through. She now loves chomping on the Belo teething mitt instead. The only downside is that it’s impossible to keep it on her hand, and at 7 months she is able to pull it off by herself. She still has fun playing with it though. A lovely product!” Mum of 2, Lisa

Available from: Amazon and Belo And Me


8. Matchstick Monkey, £9.99

This teething toy handily doubles as an applicator for gels and powders, and its soft rubber bristles are an ideal introduction to first teeth brushing too.

Dreamed up by a mum who found it impossible to apply teething gels or powders without being bitten, the Monkey has handles for little fingers to grip as they chew and comes in loads of bright colours so it won’t get lost!

What our reviewers say about the Matchstick Monkey soother:

“The perfect shape and size for little hands with plenty of colourful and smooth rubber limbs for chewing. Matchstick Monkey’s happy, friendly grin is inviting for baby and his perforated head is a neat addition – what a great idea for applying teething gel to gums! Maybe a little pricey but I would definitely recommend to friends.” Mum of 2, Rachel

Other key features:

  • Fridge safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Available from: Amazon and Kidly


9. Comotomo silicone teether, £6.50

Designed to mimic little fingers, the Comotomo teether has 5 chewy, squeezy silicone prongs and a ring for small hands to hold onto.

The simplicity of the design means there’s no moving parts or extra pieces to worry about and it’s also super easy to clean.  This teether can also be sterlised in the microwave, in boiling water, in a steam steriliser or dishwasher.

Other key features:

  • Fridge safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Steam steriliser safe
  • Microwave safe

Available from Storkz and Amazon


10. Sophie la Girafe, £13.99

Sophie’s design has remained unchanged since 1961 and that’s simply because you don’t mess with a toy that’s entranced babies – and soothed their sore gums – for generations.

Suitable for using from birth, Sophie’s soft and lightweight and made from a natural rubber – just right for chewing, squeezing and squeaking, and even cuddling.

See baby Elliott, 3 months, review Sophie La Girafe in our MadeForMums Toys YouTube channel.

Other key features:

  • Wipe clean only

Available from: Amazon and John Lewis


11. Cheeky Chompers Bib, £11.99 for 2 bibs

As well as coming in a range of totally gorgeous patterns, these Cheeky Chompers bibs are sooo practical – not surprising bearing in mind they were invented by two mums who got fed up of picking up teethers from the floor and having to change constantly wet baby tops because of all the dribbling.

These bibs have a rubber tip so your little one can chew to their hearts’ content, and the bib keeps their top dry and moisture away from their chest. Nice.

Other key features:

  • Machine washable 

 Available from: Cheeky Chompers and Boots


12. Rooba Boo the Bunny Natural Teething Toy, £8.95

Boo the Bunny is Rooba’s first teething toy and is a lovely little, well-designed creature. It has wonderful textures and shapes, for little hands to grab and gums to chew. 

Made in Malaysia with sustainable natural rubber, it is strong, safe and non-toxic – a perfect companion for teething babies.

Available from Amazon, Rooba and Amber Pumpkin

We’ve got more information on teething, just for you…


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