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10 of the best baby slings and wraps for newborns to toddlers

Baby slings and wraps provide a snug and supportive way to keep your little one close and leave your hands free (yay, for all those lovely parent chores)


A sling is (usually) a structured bit of fabric which lets you carry your baby against your body (front or back). It’s a great way of keeping your hands free and for a baby, it’s the closest thing to being back in the womb; hearing your heart beat, feeling the warmth from your body and snuggling in tight as you move around can be soothing and calming for a newborn.


Slings differ from baby carriers in that they don’t usually have clips, buckles or buttons – they are far less formal and can be used from birth.

Carriers tend to have safety restraints that stop babies falling out, where as with a sling you need to be aware of your baby’s position and careful when you bend down.

If you have any concerns or are unsure about how to wear a baby sling, check out this sling safety article.

If you’re after a more structured carrier, have a look at our pick of the best baby carriers. 

1. Lifft Stretchy Wrap, £39.95

Age suitability: Newborn (2.5kg) up to 15kg
Number of carrying positions: 1 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest)

The Lifft Stretchy Wrap is called Stretchy for a reason – the cotton material has a 2-way stretch, which helps make it supportive and snug. Made in Yorkshire, it’s got a good value price tag too – the second cheapest in our 10 of the Best selection.

There’s a lot of fabric, which means it can be used with babies, twins and toddlers up to around 3 years (15kg). “I love that I’m able to fit my newborn twins in this sling as well as my chunky toddler,” says tester Amy, mum of three (although, we should add, not fitting in all three at the same time!). “I also like how I can adapt where the sling is worn to make it more comfortable for me after a c-section.”

The Lifft felt safe, supportive and held my baby snugly
Jeananne, mum of 9 month old

Like many wraps, if you’ve not used one before it may take a little bit of practice to get the knack although one of our testers found the picture instructions were easy to follow. “Once you master the wrapping, the fabric had just the right combination of stretch and security.” says tester Jeananne, mum of a 9 month old. “The Lifft felt safe, supportive and held my baby snugly.”

Available from: Lifft Slings, Carry My Baby, and Amazon


2. Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap, £49.90

Age suitability: Birth to 11.3kg

Number of carrying positions: 1 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest)

This really lightweight viscose fabric made from eucalyptus and acacia make the Aura a good choice for using in the summer or for parents who feel warm easily. It’s one of the few wraps to come with its own inbuilt storage bag, a real bonus for stashing under the pushchair when you’re out and about, or if your toddler needs a rest in the buggy and baby can go into the sling.

Our tester says: “The ErgoBaby Aura Wrap is less stretchy than many other stretchy wraps. This can mean that it is more supportive for longer, but on the other hand, it can be harder to effectively tighten it. With a little bit of help from a Babywearing Consultant or Sling Library, this is easily overcome.”

Available from: John Lewis and Ergobaby


3. AmaWrap baby sling, £39.99 to £54.99

Age suitability: Newborn to 3 years (approx 15kg)

Number of carrying positions: 1 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest)

AmaWrap offers 12 different colours and prints, giving parents more choice of funky colour schemes and designs compared with the plain block colours from Izmi. The one-way stretch can make it trickier to master at first, but that means it’s less prone to sagging than the two-way Lifft. There’s a matching bag for storage which is great, although unlike the Ergobaby it’s separate from the wrap so it doesn’t add bulk to the sling itself.

Our tester says: “The AmaWrap looks stylish, very easy to use, comes with a great carry case and can be used from newborn. Really simple to use (once you’ve got the knack) and comfy for both mum and baby. Looking forward to using as my baby grows – been using since she was 2 1/2 weeks!”

Available from: AmaWrap and Amazon


4. Izmi Baby Wrap, £45

Age suitability: Newborn to around 9 months old (2.3kg to 9kg)

Number of carrying positions: 2 (front carry and side carry)

The Izmi baby wrap is similarly priced to the Ergo but offers two carrying positions for added value. It’s not patterned like the Ergo or AmaWrap but does have a choice of five vibrant colours. The bamboo fabric feels ultra soft but its thermo-regulating properties don’t make it overly warm. The top and bottom are hemmed in different colours – a great touch to help new parents know at a glance whether they have inadvertently put a twist in. It’s suitable from 2.3kg, making it a good choice for premature babies or those on the lower centiles.

Our tester says: “The Izmi Wrap has a great level of stretch. It’s stretchy enough to make it simple to use, but not so stretchy that it’s outgrown too early.”

Available from: Cheeky Rascals, Baby Nest and Boots

5. Je Porte Mon Bebe, The Basic, £38

Age suitability: Newborn up to 9kg (9 months) but certified for up to 14kg (3 years)

Number of carrying positions: 1 (front, facing in)

This is a great value sling – although it’s the cheapest on our list it can carry up to a 14kg child, roughly aged 3 years. It’s 4.6 metres long and is made of 95% cotton with 5% spandex, allowing for stretch but avoiding the sagging of a stretchier sling like the Lifft.

There are plain block colours available as well as simple designs for parents wanting more variety compared with the Izmi. It’s machine washable, as are all the slings on this list, but JPMBB don’t recommend tumble drying which is a downside compared with the Close Caboo, which can be tumble dried.

Available from: Amazon

6. We Made Me Flow, £65

Age suitability: Newborn to 24 months (3.6kg to 15kg)

Number of carrying positions: 1 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest)

We Made Me Flow is one of the more expensive wraps on the market, lasting up until baby is around 15kg (as with the AmaWrap and the Lifft). There’s just one carrying position but at 580g compared with an average size of 800g, the Flow is lighter than many others, making it good to stash under the pushchair or in the changing bag. The mesh fabric is ultra-stretchy and promises to be breathable, although the innovative fabric takes some getting used to. There are clear online video tutorials to help get the best fit.

Our tester says: “I love babywearing and this is a fabulous, comfortable product that I’ve really enjoyed wearing. Don’t be put off by the huge amounts of fabric or the instructions and give it a go.”

Available from: We Made Me

7. Close Caboo Lite Multi Position Baby Carrier, £54.99

Age suitability: Birth to 3 years (3kg – 14.2kg)

Number of carrying positions: 3 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest, baby on back or hip)

The Caboo is a stretchy-hybrid sling with the closeness of a wrap and the structure of a ring-sling. If you feel daunted by a wrap like the Je Porte Mon Bebe Basic, which is essentially just a massive rectangle of fabric, then the Close Caboo might fit the bill. Its material is pre-sewn into a cross at the back and adjusted to the sides with two sets of rings. It offers good value with three carrying positions compared with the similarly priced AmaWrap which just has one position. It’s machine washable and, unlike most stretchy wraps, can be tumble dried, a real bonus if you need it cleaned in a hurry.

Available from: John Lewis, Amazon and Close Parent

8. TotsBots Papoozle, £49.99

Age suitability: Birth to 3 years (3.5kg – 15kg)

Number of carrying positions: 5 (baby facing inwards or outwards, upright or laying down, or on your hip)

The Papoozle is another hybrid style carrier similar to the Close Caboo, with buckle fasteners to the waist to help achieve a great fit. It has multiple carrying positions which is a great added value feature, and comes with a carry bag like the AmaWrap so you can tote it around when not in use.

It’s more expensive than the wraps offering just one carry position but cheaper than the other hybrid sling from Close. There’s a padded waist band and padded shoulder straps to help spread the weight evenly, a bonus when carrying heavier and older tots.

Available from: Babipur

9. K’Tan Breeze Baby Carrier, £50

Age suitability: Birth to 3 years (3kg – 14.2kg)

Number of carrying positions: 3 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest, baby facing the world or sitting on hip)

This hybrid sling promises no wrapping, a great feature if you lack the confidence or time to master baby wearing with a simple piece of fabric like the Je Porte Mon Bebe Basic. The double loops of fabric hold baby securely without the need for buckles or ring fasteners, and it’s available in a variety of block colours and patterned designs, like the AmaWrap.

The K’Tan comes in different sizes to fit the adult wearer to ensure the best comfort fit. But this means different-sized adults can’t share the same wrap, so mums and dads are unlikely to be able to swap. And if your body shape and size changes significantly post-partum that could pose problems.

Available from: Baby K’Tan and Amazon

10. ByKay Mei Tai Classic Wrap, £89.95

Age suitability: Birth to 5 years (3kg – 25kg)

Number of carrying positions: 3 (baby facing inward on mum or dad’s chest, baby on back or hip)

This is the most expensive on the list but lasts the longest – up to 25kg or around five years old. That’s a real added value feature, especially if you want to alternate between two children and need to accommodate your newborn or their much older sibling. It’s another hybrid option with a structured body, meaning once baby is in you only need to knot the wrap into place.

It’s around £25 more than the We Made Me Flow, the next dearest on our list, but carries an additional 10kg of weight. The downside is you’d have to spend more on a deluxe version if you wanted the extras of padded shoulder straps and waistband or the sleeping hood.

Available from: ByKay and Amazon

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