Sainbury’s takes MFM out for a lovely Christmas lunch

Scrummy stocking fillers, cakes and treats, and wine and liqueurs on show as Sainsbury’s shows off everything you need to take the stress out of Christmas day*

This rich choccie cake will serve at least 10!

Loads of yummy finger food like these mini fajitas

*Warning: you might need several Christmas days to munch through all the feasting options!


OK, you guessed it – MFM is a bit of foodie. The team can sniff out a food-themed Christmas press show going on anywhere in London and we positively starved ourselves in anticipation of Sainsbury’s “A cook’s Christmas” event.

We are taken on a gastronomic tour of tables laden with Christmas feasts, mountains of cheeses, slithers of salmon, giant legs of ham and brand fruit-flavoured liqueurs. We’re told are just to die for with in a glass of fizzy but we had to take their word on it – we were on duty after all!

Sainsbury’s this year is taking the faff out of Christmas, but keeping all the wholesome, homemade stuff we love firmly on the menu. We can’t wait to get started on our Christmas cake kit – complete with pre-soaked fruit and all the ingredients carefully measured out for you. It still takes three hours to make, though, so you can feel like a dedicated chef for a day rather than a month before the big event!

As well as time savers, we were also rather taken with the money savers! All of Sainsbury’s novelty festive goodies from solid chocolate shoes to naturally coloured and favoured candy canes are all under £2. We reckon these are perfect stocking fillers and love the way Sainsbury’s is innovating with our favourite ingredient – chocolate!

Over to the meal itself and MFM is desperate to try the Taste the Difference Four Bird Roast. It includes (if we remember rightly) goose, bronze turkey, Gressingham duck and guinea fowl all stuffed with a lovely prune, fig and cranberry stuffing. It sounds epic and we’re still trying not to dribble onto the keyboard.

And then there’s the cheese. Sainsburys’ cheese representative tells us that this year they’re working on providing the best quality and flavoursome cheeses at the best possible price to encourage those of us who LOVE cheddar to branch out. Giftwise, we have popped the monster-sized Stilton in a cute oldie-worldie basket at the very top of our Christmas list. Yum.


What we really loved about Sainbury’s was the dedication to food. Every section of Christmas food was covered and we heard how each item had made it into the range. It’s Taste the Difference selections may also help those of us on tight budgets to afford some properly luxurious foods this year, without have to sacrifice on the pressies!

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