When you’ve got one child, managing all their party invites and playdate requests can seem like a lot.


When you’re on to multiple kids, it can sometimes feel like a personal assistant would NOT be a frivolous expense, if only to write down and remember all those dates (and presents) ???

You know what we mean, right? ?

Well, actress Sally Phillips has her own solution to the dilemma: she’s got a playdate system in place that ensures her sons (Luke, Tom, and Oliver, who are 6, 10 and 13 – Ollie's pictured above) are getting enough quality time with friends.

“I read this thing on Twitter,” she tells MFM, “A list of things children with terminal illnesses said they treasured most.

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"It said: playdates, special time with family, special time with friends, ice cream, and beaches. I went, right, OK, those are things I can do [for my own kids].

“So, once a month each of them has a movie night with friends, and a sleepover.

"Their friends are over on a Friday after school and we always have lots of bad food, so pizza, ice cream, popcorn, and as much apple juice as you can imagine. And they really like that, and they plan who is going to come.”

This routine’s not just for her boys, though – it’s also for her. Sally also told us she’s been separated from her husband for 18 months now, so planning things this way makes it a little easier for her.

“For me, it’s once a week, and then one week I have off. It’s just – when you’re doing it on your own, [it’s tough] to just make it happen.

“This last 18 months has been really tough, and some of their friends’ mums have been especially kind, which is really touching.”


We reckon this idea – pretty simple but also quite structured and not all encompassing – is totally brill.

Especially if there’s just one of you managing a household of craziness!

But we’d love to know what you do – do you have regular playdates? Or do you play it by ear, party by party? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below

Images: Twitter/Sally Phillips

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