Lots has changed for former TOWIE stars Sam and Billie Faiers. Last time MadeForMums caught up with Billie, she was right in the throes of new motherhood.


(And you know what that means – late night feeds, messy sleep routines, and of course, our favourite pastime, getting weed on during the nappy change.)

But now Sam is the Faiers sister with a little one, and Billie’s daughter Nelly is a toddler.

So, when we popped our heads in to the launch of their new baby gifts collaboration, Sam & Billie Loves with My 1st Years, we thought we’d see how they’re getting on...

Last time we spoke, Nelly was still a newborn. So how is it now that you can both share the experience of being mums together?

Sam: We love it.

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Billie: We have a WhatsApp group chat with my mum where we just put all the pictures, hourly updates everyday.

Things have really changed for both of you...

Billie: Our lives have changed – we used to love going out and partying.

It was drink this, drink that, but now we plan much nicer things that always involve the babies.

We’re actually planning a holiday soon with me, Sam, my mum, Paul and Nelly. It just gets better and better.


    Sam, what’s the transition been like going back to work?

    Sam: For me, the baby [Paul, who’s being very well-behaved in the next room] is only recently 5 months old, so I’ve only just started doing things again.

    And I’m breastfeeding, so he comes everywhere with me. So I’m quite selective about what I do. I take each week as it comes and try not to drive myself mad work-wise.

    Billie: Now where Nelly’s a toddler, if I brought her here today, it would be carnage so again I have to be quite selective, too.

    But I’m really lucky with my mum - she really helps me out. Soon before you know it she’ll be having the both of ‘em!

    Sam: Then there’ll be multiples! But Billie and I are quite lucky in that we can be quite flexible with our work and our hours and what we do and what we don’t do.

    Billie: It’s harder [for other mums] with the hours, say a mum who’s working 9am to 5pm.


      We love your new collection of gifts for kids, but we have to ask – why this? Why My 1st Years? You must get offered a lot of deals with different brands…

      Sam: We’d already being buying things [from My 1st Years] for friends and family… so when the conversation started rolling, it was really exciting because we already loved the brand.

      Billie: All our picks are things we would genuinely use for Nelly and Paul, so I think that’s really important – that we love anything we put our names to.

      Sam: I love personalisation though. It’s definitely my thing. It’s such a nice gift. If you want something special you’ve got to get it personalised.

      What’s the best thing you’ve ever been given for Nelly and Paul?

      Billie: The basket with the cloth from our collection – I’ve got one for Nelly and [Sam's] got one for Paul. It's so handy at home, because you can just throw all the toys in it. No clutter.

      Sam: I’ve got 3 of them and I just put everything in it.

      Billie: One of Nelly’s nicest gifts would be the dollhouse [Sam] got her for her 1st birthday.

      She’s broken 3 parts of it already because she’s quite heavy-handed.

      It’s one of those lovely townhouses, very delicate… Me and Greg caught her opening it and trying to sit in the house.

      You know Alice In Wonderland when she comes out of the house? That’s what she looked like!

      Sam & Billie Loves, a collection of baby gifts you can personalise, is available from My 1st Years now

      Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers/Billie Faiers

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