She's just got back from a romantic babymoon with her boyfriend, and now Sam Faiers is getting ready to welcome her first child.


Sharing a selfie from her holiday in the Maldives with boyfriend Paul Knightley, 35-weeks pregnant Sam looked her usual glamorous self – complete with manicure and glossy blow-dry.

But will her high-maintenance Essex style change once she becomes a mum later this month? "I guess I’ll have less time to doll myself up," the mum-to-be admits, in an exclusive interview with MFM.

"My style might change a little, but I don't think it will alter that much. I've loved dressing my bump and am looking forward to getting back into some of my old clothes again once I'm back in shape."

Sam was her sister Billie's birth partner when she gave birth to her daughter Nelly last year – and Sam says it's given her "an idea of what to expect".

But Sam is still unsure on what her birth plan will be. "I am still indecisive whether to have a home birth or not," she says. But there's one thing she's sure on – who will be there.

"I will have my mum, Paul and Billie there with me," she says.

Sam is already aunty to her niece Nelly – and her sister is convinced Nelly will have another little girl to play with soon.

"Everyone has got their own opinion," Sam says about speculation on the baby's sex. "A lot of people have said that they think it might be a boy because I am carrying quite low but Billie thinks it will be a girl. We don't mind as long as he/she is healthy."

So how will the mum-to-be feel about being pregnant during the festive party season? "I don't think I'll be missing out too much," she smiles. "The only thing is it is my birthday on New Year's Eve and I usually have a big party so we might do a brunch this year instead and I will let my friends carry on drinking after Paul and I go home haha."

And Sam insists on keeping her Christmas Day look glam. "I usually get dressed up quite glam on Christmas Day for the morning and afternoon and then Billie and I get into our comfies for the evening," she says.

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Just don't judge us if we stay in our PJs all day!

Sam admits she hasn't packed her hospital bag yet but adds, "I will pack a water cooling spray in there as Billie said this was the best thing she packed! I’ll probably take my Cordless Rechargeable Straighteners though – I’m sure we’ll be taking lots of pics so best to have them just in case!"

Sam has launched her own electrical beauty range with Carmen.

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