After The Baby Diaries aired on TV last week, Sam Faiers faced a barrage of criticism. Most surprising, was the reaction to how her boyfriend Paul Knightley still kisses his mum on the lips.


But she was pictured leaving the Lorraine show this week full of smiles as she pushed baby Paul in his new buggy.

Sam has picked the new iCandy Peach in the grey 'truffle' colour. And it looks like she's shunned a conventional changing bag in favour of a tiger-print hold all. Swish.

The Baby Diaries fall-out

Rumour has it that Paul tried to get the producers to pull the show that features the couple becoming parents. A source apparently told The Mirror, "Paul tried to block ITV bringing the show out first. He was very unhappy with the edit when they saw a preview.

"He thought he didn't come across very well, especially with Sam. But a contract is a contract.

"Not even Paul predicted the reaction to that kiss with his mum. He is secretly fuming."

But The Only Way Is Essex star Sam is pretty used to her private life being up for discussion on social media. So if the mean comments and tweets this week fazed her – she didn't show it.

"Wow Paul really is getting some stick. I wish people wouldn't look into it so much. It's just a TV show edited & made for good viewing," she wrote breezily on Instagram.

Paul's first swimming lesson

Sam also treated 6-week-old baby Paul to his first swimming lesson at a local pool this week.

Paul was born on 29 December so he had just turned 6 weeks as Sam took him for a dip.

There's often debate about the age you're able to take your baby swimming. The old advice is that you should wait until your baby has had his or her first set of jabs before getting in a pool, but this is out of date. It actually dates back to when polio was rife and the Department of Health says there have been no cases of natural polio infection in the UK for over 20 years.

If you're worried about other germs, then don't be - the chlorine in the pool is likely to kill them off.

The wait-to-swim advice actually relates more to new mums - you should wait until your post-birth bleeding (lochia) has stopped before venturing in a pool. Some doctors recommend waiting 6 weeks, especially if you've had a tear, stitches or caesarean, and check that any scars have healed.

You can buy the iCandy Peach here.

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