Who is Sandi Toksvig?

Sandra Brigitte ‘Sandi’ Toksvig was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 3 May 1958. As of May 2018, that makes her 60 years old.


She’s a comedian, a writer, radio presenter and political activist. You might also recognise her from shows like QI.

Now, she’s probably best known to baking fans as one of the presenters of Great British Bake Off on Channel 4.

Who does Sandi have children with?

Sandi shares 3 children with her ex-wife, Peta Stewart. With 2 mums in the family, the children called them ‘mum’ and ‘mumma’.

It’s not known exactly when the couple married, but they divorced in 1997.

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“I’m not saying [the divorce] wasn’t hard for us because it was,” says their eldest in an interview, as an adult. “Especially in the first few years, but our mums kept things as normal as possible and they really did stay good friends.

"We all still went on holiday together and we’d always be all together for our birthdays – there was none of this celebrating it with first one parent and then the other.”

Sandi Toksvig's children:

sandi toksvig

Jessica ‘Jesse’ Toksvig-Stewart, born 1988
Megan Toksvig-Stewart, born 1990
Theo Toksvig-Stewart, born 1994

Jessica ‘Jesse’ Toksvig-Stewart

In 1988, Sandi and Peta welcomed their 1st child, a baby girl named Jessica, nicknamed Jesse.

In an interview with The Guardian, Jesse opened up about how she was conceived, telling the paper that the couple’s closest friends, a straight couple, agreed that the male, Chris Lloyd-Pack, would donate sperm.

The interview also added that all 3 children were conceived from the same donor sperm. Chris played an uncle-type role in their lives, Jesse said.

She also shared that Peta was her biological mother, and that the children lived primarily with Peta following the split in Guildford, Surrey, though still saw Sandi on weekends.

She added of mum Sandi: “You’d die for [your kids] and you’d kill for them – and that’s what makes you a family, not whether you’re biologically related.

“It’s made me realise that this is how Sandi feels about me. It might sound corny, but love really is the most important thing. If you’ve got that, everything else is almost always going to be OK.”

Jesse now lives with her boyfriend, and has published her own inclusive baby book for new parents of all kinds ?

Megan Toksvig-Stewart

In 1990, a 2nd daughter was born, and she was named Megan.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Megan, who seems to have stayed away from the spotlight quite a bit. As is her right!

Theo Toksvig-Stewart

A son, Theo, was born in 1994. He made an appearance in EastEnders, as a baby! (According to IMDB, anyway…)

As a 20-something, Theo began acting and has since appeared in the 2018 short film Destroyer of Worlds.

He’s also been open about his childhood, in an interview with Sandi and The Times. He said of his mum:

“Mum is such a loving force to be around. She is just fascinated by the world and everyone in it. When she was younger, her passion was for gay rights, and it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come.

"That’s down to people like Mum, who had the courage to come out at a time when there were very few gay and lesbian role models.”

Is Sandi Toksvig married now?

sandi toksvig

Yes, Sandi renewed her vows with her wife Debbie in 2014, upon the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

They’d entered into a civil partnership 7 years prior, and Debbie took Sandi's surname.

Debbie has a grown-up daughter of her own, named Mary, who gave a speech at their 2014 wedding.

Sandi's ex-wife, Peta, also has another daughter, who she adopted after becoming a foster carer.

Images: Getty Images, 2nd image via The Times, 3rd image via Twitter

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