5 retro biscuits that remind us of our childhood

The Great British Bake Off got the series going with Biscuit Week - including Wagon Wheels (yum!) So, we went on a trip down memory lane, remembering our favourite biscuits when we were growing up...


Hands up who’s already got Bake Off mania? ☝️☝️Yep, the news series has just kicked off and we’re LOVING it.


And as biscuit week featured Wagon Wheels, here at MFM HQ, we’ve been thinking about all those delicious biscuit treats that adorned kids’ party tables everywhere.

Now, a few of these might be showing our age a bit, but hopefully you’ll remember some with us!

5 great biscuits that make us feel nostalgic…

1. Jammy Dodgers


Ah, the heat-shaped jammy loveliness of these things! Dunk them, eat around the heart before devouring the sticky middle or break them in 2 before you dive in.

However you like them, they’ve made it to the top of our biscuit nostalgia list.

Make Jam biscuits with this Olive recipe

2. Pink Wafers


The crisp crunch of pink wafers could be heard the land over once upon a time at kids’ parties ?

Not the best for dunking as they collapse fairly quickly – but don’t they look pretty as a picture on your food table?

3. Wagon Wheels


The trusty wagon wheel – perhaps the biscuit to which all others shall be compared. Smooth chocolate, biscuit crunch and tonnes of marshmallow and jam – plus, they’re the size of your head. Delicious.

No wonder they’ve already featured in Bake Off. And if you want to be super clever and make you’re own – there’s a great recipe over at BBC Good Food

Make your own marsmallow wheels

4. Iced Biscuits


Iced biscuits (of any and every kind) have been part and parcel of fancy teas and parties for, like, ever. Covered in sprinkles or smooth, and any and every different shape – from cookie style to unicorn-themed.

Yep – we love an iced biscuit here at MFM – and they’ve stood the test of time wonderfully.

Make iced biscuits with this BBC Good Food recipe

5. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes


OK, OK, they’re technically called cakes – but the shortbread biscuit base definitely makes them a biscuit in our book. And, actually, we really want one now (with a cup of tea obvs) ☕☕

Images: Getty /BBC Good Food (marshmallow wheels)/ Product website (Tunnock’s tea cakes)

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