Santa ruins 4-year-old’s Christmas

Coca-Cola truck’s Santa makes girl cry after telling her she’s on the naughty list


Brooke Rarity, 4, was reduced to tears after meeting Santa Clause on the famous Coca-Cola truck.


Mum Kellie took Brooke to see Santa and the iconic Coca-Cola truck at a Morrison’s store in Lindsayfield, Scotland. The truck was in darkness after generator broke down but the youngster was still excited to meet Santa and was going to ask him for “anything pink.”

“I’d seen it advertised inside the Morrison’s store that the Coca-Cola truck was coming…so Brooke and I went along,” said the mum-of-three, reports the Daily Mail.

“The guy dressed as Santa whispered in my ear when I got there to ask what Brooke’s name was,” mum Kellie explained.

“I recognise you. Are you Brooke? I hear you’re on the Naughty List,” the stoney-faced Santa reportedly said to Brooke.

Kellie is furious with the ‘Bad Santa’ and believes the person behind the beard is “in the wrong job.”

“He had absolutely no Christmas cheer at all. Brooke was heartbroken,” said Kellie, 32. “She was really teary all day and she kept asking if she wasn’t getting any presents. She even told her pals at nursery about it the next day.”

“We are aware of a complaint made by a parent during the truck’s visit to Lindsayfield and are in touch with this individual directly to discuss their concerns,” said a Coca-Cola spokesman.

Kellie and husband John, 32, had to reassure their daughter that she’s been a good girl. Don’t worry Brooke, we reckon somebody else is on the naughty list!

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