Sarah Beeny talks about motherhood

Baby Expert speaks to Mum of four and TV Presenter, Sarah Beeny.

It’s a wonder that Sarah Beeny has any time to herself. As well as being a property developer and website entrepreneur, she is also a mum of four. We somehow find the time to catch up with her to talk flexible hours and pedicures…


You gave birth to your fourth baby, Laurie, six weeks ago- is maternity leave a bit of a non-event for you?

With my first three I had longer off, but my flexible workload allows me to be flexible about maternity leave. I am fortunate as I have a full-time nanny. Finding the right childcare is one of the most stressful things working mums have to contend with and I’m incredibly fortunate to have help.

What word best sums up your parenting style?

Indulgent! I love being with my little tribe. They’re also rather fond of snuggling up in bed with me, eating chocolate.

Does ‘me-time’ actually exist in Sarah Beeny’s world?

My guilty pleasure is getting my toenails painted every eight weeks or so. I absolutely love it. Otherwise, being able to focus on just one child at a time is a novelty!

Do you and your husband divvy up parenting duties equally?

We do, actually- Graham’s an artist, so we try to work it that when he’s in the studio, I’m at home, and when I’m filming, he spends time with the boys.

Do you think that working mums get unfair press?

Working mums do get a lot of stick, but most of us are just doing what we can to ensure a smooth-running family life. Working mums should be helped and encouraged whatever their circumstances. Anything that gives them a bit of practical support has got to be worthwhile.


Sarah is supporting, which offers mums flexible working opportunites.

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