Sarah Jessica Parker’s house is like “a crime scene”

The mum of three admits that having kids has turned her life - and home - upside down


Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted that ever since she brought home her twin babies, Tabitha and Marion, her house has turned into a crime scene!


“If a stranger was to come in to my house at 6.20 pm any night it would look like a crime scene. It is just chaos,” said Sarah.

“There are children running everywhere, bicycles in the house, screaming, mess everywhere, people wiping things off the floor. It is chaos but it is so much fun. I love it,” added the Sex and the City star, according to Showbiz Spy.

Sarah is currently in the UK promoting her new film I Don’t Know How She Does It, about a mum who struggles to balance her career and her kids – a role Sarah seems to know a lot about!

The 46-year-old also recently revealed that she would happily give up her career to take her children, James Wilkie, 8, Tabitha and Marion, 2, and husband Matthew Broderick, travelling around the world.

“I often have a fantasy about packing up the family and travelling. If it was an adventure, sure, I’d leave this behind. But I’d never do it without [my family],” said Sarah.

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