Instagram fitness model Sarah Stage left us (and her 2.4 million followers) stunned by her super toned and petite baby bump ?


But now, a month after giving birth to her son Logan, she's caused a stir with her equally-as-fit post-baby tum.

In an Instagram post, Sarah showed off her new mum physique, alongside the caption:

"So it’s been 1 month since Logan was born and I’ve been enjoying cuddling/hibernating at home with my family?

"I’ve been sticking to my nutrition guide ~ LINK IN BIO✨ while i recover from c section (since i won’t be cleared to start light workouts until next week).

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"The combination of breastfeeding ? and following my nutrition guide from my website has gotten me to my pre baby weight, however we all have our own personal fitness goals and mine is to build more muscle.

"How long did you wait until you started working out after baby?"

And while 33-year-old mum-of-2 Sarah left many fans in awe, calling her 'mom body goals' and sharing their own post-baby fitness stories, a few mums out there felt less than inspired by her bounced-back look, with one writing:

"You look great, but your nutrition plan isn't the only reason you look this way.

"Genetics. You basically hit the genetics jackpot and it helps tremendously that you watch what you eat and workout.

"Love the way you inspire but you have to keep it real."

It goes without saying that Sarah looks utterly incredible, and we don't doubt that a combo of strict diet, serious exercise, time, money and good genes is what keeps her that way.

But, as we did with Cheryl's ab-flashing yacht photo, we'd have to somewhat disagree with the idea that she's not "keeping it real".

OBVIOUSLY for us at MFM HQ, this isn't what real looks like. Obviously. This is otherworldly in our eyes.

But clearly, being slim and uber fit is what's real for Sarah. Maybe a stylised version of real (because of the Insta filter and classic model pose), but still, very much real.

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We have to confess: after many years of seeing all manner of post-baby bodies, thanks to our jobs, the team here are pretty confident in admitting the above, making peace with it and then going about our days, looking the way we look - different heights, shapes, sizes with lumps, bumps, wobbles and all.

But we'd really like to know: do you feel the same way? Or does scrolling through pics of fitness gurus on Instagram make you feel insecure about your post-baby body?

Maybe you're more likely to feel a tad envious of your real mum friends, rather than a model on social media?

We truly hope you'll let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!

Images: Instagram/Sarah Stage

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