School children to receive free breakfast in test scheme

Council to provide first meal for all primary pupils


Around 12,000 primary pupils will receive free breakfasts for the next three months in a pilot scheme beginning this week.


Blackpool Council are trialling the project to try to combat the increasing numbers of children starting their school day unfed.

The scheme will offer breakfasts such fruit, yoghurt and cereals to every primary pupil within the council’s remit, and will not be means tested.

Recent reports by teachers across England, that pupils are turning up to school without having eaten breakfast, have led to concerns about child health and the impact this can have on learning.

Studies have repeatedly shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast perform better in school, with increased concentration and energy.

A similar scheme run in summer 2012 in Durham, Newham and Wolverhampton found that free meals for all boosted the test results of impoverished pupils, bringing them in line with those from more affluent backgrounds.

Blackpool Council leader Steve Blackburn has said of the new project, “Every pupil will be able to start his or her school day fed and ready to learn.”

Would you like to see the scheme rolled out to your area? What do your children eat for breakfast? Let us know by leaving a comment below or read on for some great start-the-day inspiration.


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