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Schoolboy, 7, shaves head to support best friend with leukemia: VIDEO

US schoolboy Vincent Butterfield didn't want his friend with cancer to be the only one without hair

When US schoolboy Vincent Butterfield, 7, found out that his friend Zac Gossage, 6, had leukemia, needed chemotherapy and might lose his hair, he did the most amazing thing: he shaved off his own hair, so his friend wouldn't feel like the odd one out in class.


“I didn’t want him to feel like the only one without hair,” said Vincent, who comes from Missouri.

And it worked. “It made me feel awesome,” little Zac said.

Vincent also sold scarves to raise money for his best friend's cancer treatment. He set himself a goal to sell 10 scarves on Facebook and raise $100. Within five hours, he'd sold 20 scarves and was able to donate $200 to Zac’s family.

“I sold them so the doctors can fix him,” said Vincent.

As you'll see from his touching video clip, both boys are still firm friends, and Zac's doing well with his treatment and enjoying coming to school every day.

"Friendship is a beautiful thing," says Vincent towards the end.

It certainly is when you're as close (and as cheeky!) as these two boys.




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