Schoolboy battles bus cuts by jumping behind the wheel himself

School bus driver, 18, gets everyone to school on time…well he has to, he’s got his own lessons to get to!


Welsh teenager Joseff Edwards, 18, may be busy studying for his A-levels, but he’s got even more reason to be at school – he’s the bus driver! Completing a 10-mile trip around the villages of West Wales, Joseff (or should that be Mr Bus Man Joseff?!) gives a total of 38 fellow school mates a lift to school.


Joseff’s family own the bus company that holds a contract with the school and the sixth former enjoys earning a bit of cash while helping out his mates. Joseff says kids never “mess around on the back seats because they know me”. At least he can name and shame them if they do. 

The future of the school bus is looking quite rocky after the Campaign For Better Transport (CBT) sourced information regarding planned cuts across the UK. Maybe this could be a great solution – get the kids to drive themselves?!


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