Scientists unveil ‘grown-up’ toddler robot

A ‘robot toddler’ first unveiled 2 years ago is said to be starting to develop


The concept is somewhat unnerving but scientists in Japan have this week claimed that a mechanical toddler, which they have been developing for 2 years, is now starting to ‘grow-up’.


Named CB2 or ‘Child-robot with Biomimetic Body’, the machine is highly advanced and capable of reacting to stimuli and recognising objects and sounds.

The toddler, which was created by experts at Osaka University, is four-foot-tall and weighs around 73-pound.

A team with expertise in robotics and Artificial Intelligence have been working with the CB2 and recently revealed that it has begun developing in a similar way to a human child.

As well as learning social skills by recording facial expressions with its eye cameras, the robot has also been learning to walk by observing humans doing it.

It has further recently started to ‘breathe’, with its shoulders regularly moving up and down.

The scientists hope that the robot will create better understanding of a human child’s development and help youngsters with learning.


“Babies and infants have very, very limited programmes,” said Osaka University professor Minoru Asada. “But they have room to learn more.” 

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