Scott Wolf and wife Kelley are having a second boy, maybe!

Former Party of Five actor admits he’s not painting the room blue yet, though


When Scott Wolf was planning to break the news to his 3-year-old son Jackson that another baby was on the way, Jackson was way ahead of him, the American actor said on The Talk, according to


“We sat him down and said, Mommy has a baby in there and do you know what that means? And he was like, ‘Yeah… I can’t wait to be a big brother’, Scott said on US show The Talk this week.

Luckily, then, when Kelley and Scott went for what they admit is a somewhat semi-conclusive ultrasound in a mall, they were told they were having a boy.

“I’m not quite painting the room blue yet because it was at the mall. So we’ll have another ultrasound at a proper doctor’s office next week,” Scott confirmed.

And before the couple congratulate themselves too much on their communication skills, a couple of days later, Jackson apparently said to Scott, “Daddy, guess what? I’m having a baby!”

Back to the drawing board on that one, Scott!

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