Scottish baby shocks parents with reading ability

A 21-month-old baby has surprised her family by reading books meant for 5-year-olds


A 21-month-old baby has amazed her parents by being able to read books for children more than twice her age.


Charley Grimet began understanding words on a page at just 16 months and is now able to recognise and say an impressive 50 words.

Speaking to the Daily Record, her mum Sharon, said: “Something crazy has happened here. Her speech is amazing. She is like a five-year-old”.

Charley’s talent first emerged when Sharon met an American infant researcher called Dr Bob Titzer who claimed he could teach Charley to read.

He put Charley through a multi-sensory interactive programme where she simultaneously saw the words, heard the words and physically did the actions the words represented.

“If they see, hear, then physically do something it is easier to learn than if they only hear the language,” Dr Titzer said. 

“Babies have tens of thousands of brain connections forming every single second. If babies see and hear the connections, they learn effortlessly to match sensory information.”

Speaking about Charley’s development, Sharon said: “She has been moved up to the next nursery class six months early. She’ll join in at storytelling in nursery and helps the other kids. It is remarkable.”


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