Scottish mums ‘failing’ to breastfeed successfully

Despite 'Breast is Best' campaigns, less than 50% of Scottish mums breastfeed their newborns


Unicef says that Scottish mothers are ‘failing dismally’ to breastfeed their babies successfully for the recommended time. Only 2% of mothers in Scotland are solely breastfeeding their babies for the recommended six months, says Unicef, and less than 50% of Scottish mothers breastfeed their newborns, compared to 99% In Norway.
The latest figures show that there has been no significant increase in breastfeeding rates since 2001 despite the Government plans to increase breatfeeding rates. In 2008 only 36.1% of Scottish mothers were still breastfeeding at their six-to-eight-week review.
Formula feeding became popular in the 1970s when manufacturers promoted it as the safe alternative to breastfeeding.
Scotland’s Public Health Minister, Shona Robison said, “We are doing a huge amount to support breastfeeding, including allocating £19 million to health boards over three years to improve mothers’ and children’s nutrition.”



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