See how your child will look aged 80!

Ever wondered how your child will look when he grows up? Computer scientists can now forecast his adult face using just one photo.


Take one picture of your chubby-cheeked preschooler.


Enter it into a new software programme developed by scientists at the University of Washington.

And voilà, what you get is a fascinating montage tracking your child’s progress through childhood and the teenage years, and into adulthood and even, gulp, old age.

Predicting how a person will look as they grow older is a notoriously tricky business. But the photographs above illustrate the level of accuracy now possible.

Using the photo of the boy aged 3 as a starting point, the programme has calculated how he will look aged 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 16. These photos are on the left.

On the right are the real photos of how the boy actually looked at these ages. Sure his teeth may appear a tad larger in real life, but other than that it makes for a pretty true picture. Uncanny.

Here’s how the software works… First, developers did a random sweep of thousands of online photos to determine the way faces look at different ages. The resulting formula can then be applied to a new photo to show what a person will look like at any age up until 80.

At the moment, hair is changed artificially, but developers hope this will be done by the formula in later versions of the programme, together with an ability to age skin. So the great news is, we can enjoy thinning hair and wrinkles before we get them!

The software takes a mere 30 secs to work its magic, but it is not yet available to public.

Scroll down to see some more pics of people who have undergone the transformation.

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