Selma Blair has a mummy mishap

Mum-of-one Selma has one of THOSE days


There are a lot of ‘hazards’ when you have children. Walking out with a splodge of cereal stuck to your bum, a half eaten rusk in your hair and odd shoes on – it can all happen. Sometimes, in fact often, it’s all in the same day.


For actress Selma Blair, her ‘you know you’re a parent when…’ moment came courtesy of a hungry 13-month-old Arthur tugging at her shirt to get to her breast. Rather annoying on a regular day – a royal pain in the crayon covered bum cheeks when there are photographers around.

Selma seemed rather nonplussed by the whole thing, and frankly, bravo to her for that. The star simply tucked her shirt back over the escapee and continued on her stroll.

The outspoken mum has previously defended her decision to breastfeed in public saying, “I don’t care who I offend”. We think Arthur’s on board!

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