Separation: better for kids than arguing

Children with bickering parents more likely to suffer problems later in life.


Staying in an unhappy relationship for the sake of your children can do you more harm than good, according to a study.


You can potentially harm your children and hinder their school life, future relationships and even the increase risk of drug abuse, say the people behind the study ‘Are Both Parents Always Better Than One?’

Never before has it been highlighted that two parents aren’t always better than one – and that it’s okay if children grow up with separate parents, as long as they maintain a strong parent-child bond.

The study suggests children who witness their parents at war with each other, are more likely to drop out of school, binge drink, experience teenage pregnancy and experiment with drugs.

“When couples say they’re staying together for the sake of the children, I tell them that they’re not doing their children any favours,” Christine Northam, of Relate, told The Daily Mail.  “Marriage is not a blanket prescription,” added Kelly Musick of Cornell University, who co-wrote the study.


What do you think? Would you take a note out of Katie Price and Peter Andre’s book and split rather than argue? Or stick at it for the kids? Let us know below…

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