Sesame Street turns x-rated after getting hacked

The famous children's programme had its YouTube channel hacked and replaced with x-rated scenes


Sesame Street‘s YouTube channel was forced to temporarily shut down after hackers filled the streaming with x-rated sex scenes, which were available for 20 minutes until bosses realised they had a problem.


Children expecting to see their favourite characters, such as Elmo, Big Bird and Bert and Ernie, were instead greeted with explicit content and a message reading, “Who doesn’t like porn, kids?”

“Our guess is someone got hold of the Sesame Street password that allowed them [the hackers] into the YouTube channel,” said Graham Cluley, a technology security expert.

Graham also said that it was unlikely many British children saw the scenes, but many across America would have.

YouTube’s owner, Google, commented that its guidelines prohibit graphic content and it removes inappropriate material “as soon as we are made aware of it.”

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