Seven-year-old’s drawings raise money for little brother’s hospital

Jack Henderson has raised over £30,000 for the Edinburgh hospital that treated his younger brother - and landed an international book deal!


A 7-year-old from East Lothian has become an internet sensation, after raising over £30,000 for the hospital that treated his little brother. How? By drawing pictures in return for donations!


Jack Henderson wanted to raise money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, which has looked after Noah, 2, who has bronchiolitis and often needs treatment to help him breathe.

Jack and Noah’s parents, Rose and Ed, set up a website for Jack and thought he might raise £100 with the help of family and friends.

“On 21st March the website went live and on the Monday morning, it just went nuts,” mum Rose told Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. “It just seemed to capture people’s hearts and took off with Facebook and Twitter.”

Jack was soon inundated with picture requests from around the world, after his story was picked up by the BBC, ITV and even newspapers as far away as Brazil.

The mini-Monet’s since hung up his pencils, but you can win your very own Jack Henderson canvas, drawn exclusively for Practical Parenting & Pregnancy.

PPP mag will auction the picture on eBay from 14 December, with all proceeds going to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Check out Jack’s PPP pic, of brother Noah as a baby crawling to his milk bottle, below.

Jack’s pictures have also been turned into book, Jack Draws Anything, and he was recently crowned Big Hearted Scotland’s Child of the Year Award. 

“For his dad and I, that’s been the most amazing thing that’s happened but he’s not aware of how big that is,” said Rose.


You can read the full interview with Rose in the new issue of Practical Parenting & Pregnancy, on sale Wed Dec 7.

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