Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall reveals pregnancy prank

The actress admits to causing baby smoke screen to keep movie storyline a secret


When the four Sex and the City girls reunited to film the sequel film, SATC2, one of the foursome was so desperate not to leak the storyline, she played a trick to divert prying eyes from the real script!


Kim Cattrall, who plays the sexy man-eater Samantha Jones, came up with a plan with the film’s director, Michael Patrick King, to film fake scenes carrying a fake script revealing her character to be pregnant!

“We were shooting on the street and the paparazzi were everywhere. We had to be so careful,” the 54-year-old actress revealed. “Michael suggested playing a trick on them, so I said, ‘Ok, like what? What about a pregnancy, they’ll freak out if Samantha is pregnant!’”

The pair didn’t resort to Kim wearing a fake baby belly but there were sightings on a script that the character was having hormone treatment, predictably sparking rumours that Samantha was going through IVF!


Will you be seeing the SATC2 film this weekend?

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