Shanghai teachers flown in to boost English children’s maths

Maths teachers from Shanghai are being brought to England to raise numeracy standards in new Government scheme


Maths teachers from Shanghai are being flown in to English schools to help raise numeracy standards.


Up to 60 Chinese teachers will fly to England in an exchange arranged by the Department for Education.

They will provide masterclasses on their teaching methods in 30 ‘maths hubs’, according to the BBC, which will act as centres of excellence for teachers throughout the country.

Why teachers from Shanghai? Well, maths pupils from Shanghai scored the highest in recent international tests. 

Education minister Elizabeth Truss recently visited Shanghai, accompanied by headteachers from England.

“We have some brilliant maths teachers in this country,” she says, “but what I saw in Shanghai has only strengthened my belief that we can learn from them.

“They have a can-do attitude to maths – and I want us to match that, and their performance.”

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