Shocking amount of sugar and salt found in baby food

Do you know how much salt and sugar is in your baby’s food?


A recent report by the Children’s Food Commission found alarming levels of sugar, salt, and hydrogenated fat (which is worse than saturated fat) in rusks and biscuits for children. Only half of the foods surveyed were low in saturated fat, salt and sugar.
“Complete” babyfoods tended to be healthier, but some baby biscuits were worse than adult biscuits. Top of the list of shame were Farley’s Original Rusks and Heinz Organic Biscotti baby biscuits, at nearly 30% sugar, and Cow & Gate Baby Balance Berry Bear Biscuits and Heinz Toddlers’ Own Mini Cheese biscuits at over 7% saturated fat.
It is important to read the lists of ingredients and nutrients on baby products. Things to look out for are salt and sugar.
There’s no need to add salt to babies’ food – it gives them a taste for unhealthy salty food, and could store up health problems for the future.
Babies under 12 months must not have more than 1g of salt per day, and a toddler up to three shouldn’t have more than 2g.
Babies need a certain amount of fat, to give them energy. But it should come from healthy unsaturated fats, not saturated fats, and certainly not processed hydrogenated fats.
Home-made is the ideal way of feeding your baby. You know exactly what went into it and you’ll save money, too. Freeze it in ice-cube trays and use as many as you need for each meal.


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